Rizza Zulkarnaen - Pinnacle Drafting & Design

Rizza Zulkarnaen

Associate Designer
Bach. Built Environment & Architecture

"I'm inspired by building design when it can meet client needs and also fit into the surrounding natural environment."

Rizza graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2020 before joining the Pinnacle team as an associate designer in 2021.

A significant driver for Rizza is the love of how designed spaces can suit their users and allow for seamless co-habitation with their environment. When it comes to building design, Rizza looks to natural elements such as the play of light, shadow, and timber for inspiration. Rizza also enjoys balancing timeless design with features that are personal to each client.

At Pinnacle, knowledge and creativity are shared generously. Rizza enjoys this collaboration between staff and clients and a culture of idea exploration, shared laughs, morning green tea, and sneaker-wearing.

When not working, Rizza enjoys a good book and outdoor adventures. Additionally, Rizza loves a creative fad - at the moment, it's pottery!