Josh Mayne

Senior Designer
Bach. Environmental Design

“I like that there is a solid group of colleagues to work alongside with – that all have their own area of expertise to bounce ideas off."

Josh joined the Pinnacle team in June 2020 and is one of our Designers. We’ve put him to work on a diverse range of projects, mainly with the working drawing team where he’s busy liaising with engineers and surveyors to produce the final set of plans for the builders. Josh brings with him a strong passion for the industry and a solid work ethic, as well as very important knowledge of local trout hotspots are and where the best waves are that week.

His interest in smaller eco-friendly retreats and cabins in remote locations makes sense as Josh goes off the grid as often as he can. As soon as 5pm hits on a Friday he’s off with his swag and ute packed for exploring the coast or immersing himself in the bush.