Cathereen Phua

Bach. Built Environment & Architecture

"I've been exposed to the building industry from a young age and have come to love the balance between art and science in creating homes."

Cat's design approach is to connect ideas and people and generate a meeting space that inspires creativity.

Cat was first exposed to building sites at a young age, where her father worked in the building industry in Malaysia. As a teen, she developed her interest in design, arts, and science. This interest planted the seed of her future career in the building industry.

Since completing a Bachelor of Built Environment and Architecture at the University of Tasmania, Cat joined the Pinnacle Drafting team, as an associate designer, early in 2021. She's enjoyed working on projects, including residential and unit developments.

Cat loves getting outdoors whenever possible with activities like swimming (when it's warm enough!) or exploring Tassie to find her next photography subject. Her weekends are otherwise shared between her enjoyment of grocery shopping and creating pottery.